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Make Your Own Indian Spice Blends

Join Sheetal Sharma, chef-owner of Curries and Chutneys, and Dorothy Mullen, founder of the Suppers Programs, to learn how to prepare rich, complex spice blends that will excite your palate and liven up your cooking. Sheetal and Dorothy will then demonstrate how to cook with Indian spices by preparing Pulao (rice) and homemade Chai Masala.  

There is a $5 fee for this workshop. Click here to register at the Suppers Program website.

Sheetal Sharma is an Indian chef and the owner of Curries and Chutneys. She brings healthy and delicious recipes from three generations and enjoys teaching about the health benefits of spices. Sheetal was raised in India and learned home style cooking from family members from various regions. "Curries and Chutneys is my attempt to bring all those experiences together and share my love for spices with you."