Environmental Commitment

Real food. Real community. Real purpose.

Whole Earth Center was created to give the Princeton community real ways to act on the important environmental goals that were the foundation of the very first Earth Day. Together with our customers, we are learning new and better ways to live by first asking, “What’s good for the Earth?”

Far from being just another grocery store that sells eco-friendly products, Whole Earth was founded by environmental activists who embedded environmentalism in our mission from the start.  We continue to show - and share - our commitment to the environment in every aspect of our full-service grocery, deli and bakery and through our work in the community.

We help our customers lower the impact of food production on the planet by helping them to reduce packaging use, purchase unprocessed food, and support local producers.  But our commitment goes even deeper than than. We constantly seek to improve Whole Earth by weighing the environmental impact of the choices we make.

Look closely, and you’ll see our commitment in all that we do:

  • The expansion of the Whole Earth Center building is LEED Certified.
  • Despite the higher cost, we purchase energy from New Jersey Wind.
  • Princeton’s first retailer to install solar panels.
  • We stock only 100% organic produce. Always have. Always will.
  • Whole Earth maintains a “zero waste” bulk department.
  • We compost all non-saleable produce on an organic farm.
  • Whole Earth recycles all plastic film, cardboard, glass and paper.
  • We are a community drop site for clear plastics recycling.
  • Our packaging is made from recycled materials and GMO-free.
  • We reward customers for riding their bikes.
  • Whole Earth Deli helps local farmers create less waste by (gladly) purchasing perfectly good - and tasty - organic produce that would otherwise go to waste because of minor visual imperfections.
  • We pursue energy efficient lighting and refrigeration.
  • We keep food waste to a minimum, far below industry averages.
  • Every year Whole Earth sponsors the Princeton Environmental Film Festival.
  • We have been awarded the Bronze designation as a Bike Friendly Workplace by the League of American Bicyclists.
  • We support numerous environmental organizations and projects.