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Herbs and Supplements for Brain Health

A Suppers Programs Workshop with Andrew Appello, MSOM, L.Ac., RH(AHG), RN
$10 per person · Register at the Suppers Programs

Suppers is conducting focus groups to identify the nutritional and dietary, behavioral, and social supports people can embrace to preserve cognitive function. Join Suppers medical partner and good friend, Andrew Appello, to learn about herbs and supplements that have been demonstrated to be brain protective.
Andrew Appello is a New Jersey and Pennsylvania Licensed Acupuncturist and New Jersey Registered Nurse with a Master's of Science degree in Oriental Medicine. He is a practicing clinical herbalist and has training in Ayurvedic Reflexology, Master Level Usui Reiki, Chinese Tui Na massage and Zheng Gu. Andrew brings his experience and training as a certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, and black belt practitioner of the internal and external martial arts into his treatment style, particularly in treatments associated with pain management. He practices a blend of several different styles of acupuncture including, Acupuncture Physical Medicine (a musculo-skeletal form of acupuncture involving trigger point release), Traditional/Classical Chinese Medicine, Dr. Tan's Balance Method and Die Da (martial arts hit medicine). His specialties are pain management, women's health, chronic disease and stress relief. Herbal medicine treatment styles used include Japanese Kanpo, Traditional Chinese, and Eclectic European.  He also uses Functional Medicine, nutrition theory, dietary supplements and dietary therapy to optimize his clients' wellness and correct health imbalances.

Earlier Event: October 20
Later Event: October 24
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