Weekly Produce Specials

These items are on sale this week in our 100% Organic produce department

December 12 to December 17


Certified Organic Fruits

Fuji Apple: $2.29/lb. (reg. $2.99/lb.)
Gala Apple: $1.99/lb. (reg. $2.59/lb.)
Granny Smith Apple: $1.99/lb. (reg. $2.99/lb.)
Clementines: $2.29/lb. (reg. $3.59/lb.)
Navel Oranges: $1.99/lb. (reg. $2.99/lb.)
Blackberries: $2.95 ea. (reg. $4.95 ea.)

Certified Organic Vegetables

Romaine Hearts: $2.25 ea. (reg. $3.95 ea.)
Collards: $1.75 ea. (reg. $2.75 ea.)



More Good News about our 100% Organic Produce Department! 

Avocados remain in good supply and prices are favorable. 

Citrus season is ramping up, bringing us great quality and prices on many seasonal favorites. We have a wide variety of organic winter citrus to brighten your holidays, including clementines, mandarins, navel and Valencia oranges, grapefruit, Meyer lemons, pomelos, and more. Organic citrus also makes a wonderful gift!

Mangoes are abundant and should remain a good value throughout the month.

Organic Red Butter, Green Butter, Red Leaf, Green Leaf, and Romaine Lettuces are in good supply from Florida and California. The quality from Lady Moon Farms in Florida is excellent!
Broccoli growers are looking to move extra organic broccoli in early December as supplies are increasing out of California and Arizona.
California Organic Carrot supplies have recovered and carrots are now more readily available.

Cauliflower is abundant and early December prices are attractive.