News from Our Organic Produce Department

September Produce News


What to Look for in Our Produce Department This Month:

Watermelon, Corn, and Tomatoes!

It’s still local season!

Organic Tomatoes are in abundant supply this week out of the mid-Atlantic states. Lady Moon Farms, in particular, has excellent quality and volume from their original Chambersburg, PA farm.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is delivering some nice Organic Seedless Red and Seeded Crimson Watermelon to help us through these late summer heat waves.  

Local Organic Corn is nearing the end, but we are still getting some from PA and NY.

Local Organic Abundance: We still have lots of local, organic produce coming in. Garlic, onions, cabbages, greens, carrots, squash, and more are filling our displays.  

Fall Produce:

Washington Organic Bartlett Pears and Organic Starkrimson (Red) Pears are entering peak season. September is an excellent time to enjoy! This year’s organic pear crop looks like it will yield good volume. California Organic Bosc Pears are in steady supply. Washington Organic Bosc Pears are expected to begin by mid-September. Sweet, crisp, and juicy Organic Asian Pears are in season from California. The Oregon and Washington crops will come into season in September.

Washington Organic Gala Apples are now in excellent supply. The first Organic Honeycrisp Apples out of Washington are expected to arrive the first week in September. Washington Organic Fuji Apples will begin in mid-September. New crop Organic Red Delicious Apples will also begin around that time.

Organic Black Mission Figs are back and in steady supply.

The first Organic Kiwi Berries of the season are expected to begin the second week of September. Local and Pacific Northwest fruit will be available.

The first Organic Pomegranates of the season are expected to begin in mid-September.

Market Changes:

Organic Turmeric will be limited for the next few weeks as we head into September. Hawaiian growers estimate their next harvest will be on September 21. The quality will be unknown until then as rain may have damaged the quality and yields. Organic Turmeric from Jamaica is expected back the first week of September.

Organic White and Yellow Nectarines, as well as Organic White and Yellow Peaches, are winding down for the season and are expected to be completely finished by the end of September, so enjoy your organic stone fruit while you can!

Organic Black Plums are in a gap between varieties. We expect to see fruit back in stock by mid-September. Organic Red Plums and Pluots look to be in decent supply through the end of September.

Organic Hass Avocado prices are stabilizing. Mexican supplies are increasing each week, but wholesale pricing remains elevated for now. Mexico’s Independence Day in mid-September will affect harvest and shipping schedules of fruit coming out of Mexico. Overall, fruit supplies are increasing, which should lead to prices coming down a bit in the coming weeks.

Organic Blueberries will be extremely limited for September and into early October until supplies out of Mexico ramp up.

Organic Market news courtesy of Four Seasons Produce and Produce Geek