News from Our Organic Produce Department

March Produce News


What to Look for in Our Produce Department This Month:

Heading into March, Nature starts showing telltale signs that Spring is near. Likewise, our Produce Department begins to reflect the abundance of Nature in ways that differ from her winter offerings. Below is a preview of what to expect in our produce department this month:

Good supplies of organic green, red, and savoy cabbage are expected right through St. Patrick’s Day.

Organic asparagus is becoming even more available from Mexico and soon California. The price is coming down, making the next month an excellent time to enjoy this springtime favorite — even before it becomes available locally.

Rain and cool weather slowed production on organic strawberries at the end of February, but they are available in increasing supply from California, Florida, and Mexico. Look for improving quality and pricing as we get further into the month.

Organic tropical produce is coming in right now with great quality and taste — including Formosa papaya, Ataulfo mango, and pineapples.  Liven up your morning smoothies with a touch of organic tropical flavor!

Florida organic tomatoes are in good supply. The quality and flavor has been strong. Grape, red cherry, and rainbow cherry tomatoes are also in good supply.

TDE tangerines, an unusual triple cross of Temple tangor, Dancy mandarin and Encore mandarins, are a large deep-orange citrus fruit with a sweet, rich flavor, and very few seeds. Enjoy them while you can, as supplies of these and other seasonal citrus items such as pomelo, kumquats, and tangerines will wind down in March.

Just a heads up on some produce alerts we are hearing about:
Driscoll’s organic raspberry prices are climbing back up. It will be April until volumes improve. Slow growth in the fields, due to cold weather, has limited supplies of organic broccoli and broccoli crowns. Pricing is on the way up. Early to mid-March could be a period of higher prices and limited availability. With recent cold weather, Mexican organic zucchini and yellow squash prices shot up beginning of March. Most shippers report very little coming in from harvests, and product is not growing as fast due to the cooler temps.  Cooler weather has also inhibited growing of organic baby arugula and a few other organic lettuces for organic packaged salads for early March. A few delays and shorts can be expected.

Lots more organic produce is expected to be steadily available this month, including organic cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, and Florida lettuces. And as temperatures get warmer, local organic farmers will start bringing in their spring greens, spring onions, peas, and baby lettuces!  

As always, we want your feedback! Did you have a delicious experience with our organic produce? Was something not as satisfying as you expected? Are you wondering about the availability or price of something? Let us know! Especially as we get closer to spring and begin networking with local growers, we are always interested in what you, our customers, are looking for.