News from Our Organic Produce Department

July Produce News


What to Look for in Our Produce Department This Month:

More and More Local Organic Produce is Arriving Daily!

We get DAILY deliveries of produce from local farms in the summer. In fact, in the height of summer, about half our produce department is made up of organic vegetables and fruit that are grown within a two hour drive of our store! Look for the pale yellow signs in our produce department that mark locally grown items.

Local Produce Availability Update:
NJ Organic Blueberries
for pie
NJ and PA Organic Cucumbers for salads
NJ Organic Zucchini and Squash for grilling
PA Organic Portobello Mushrooms
NJ Organic Kale, Chard, Spring Mix, and Baby Arugula
Organic Green Beans
have been scarce but PA and NJ farms should start harvesting their beans in early July.
Lady Moon Organic Grape, Cherry, and Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes are in good supply out of Georgia. Supplies will begin coming from PA and NJ any day now. And, later in the month, the tsunami of local tomatoes will start to build.

It is Prime Time for Organic Summer Fruit!
California and Washington Organic Apricots are now in good supply with some of the best fruit we’ve seen in years!
Organic Yellow Peaches are also abundant. Organic White Nectarines are in season with nice quality. Organic White Donut Peaches are available, with the new larger “Galaxy” variety providing a juicy, sweet, delicious taste. Note: Organic White Peaches are unavailable as we are between varieties right now, but we should see the next variety arriving soon.
Organic Yellow Nectarine supplies are a bit tighter than other summer fruit.  
Organic Black Plums, Organic Red Plums, and Organic Pluots are in season and a tasty treat.
Organic Dark Sweet and Rainier Cherries out of Washington State are in excellent supply with good pricing and large fruit size.
California Organic Cantaloupes are in excellent supply right now, and we should see local organic melons mid-month.
Organic Tommy Atkins Mangos are a great value for all of July!
Jersey Organic Blueberries are peaking in volume this week and next, and pricing is the best of the year.

Produce Availability Updates:  
Organic Asparagus out of California is now all but finished. We will continue to get product from northern states and Canada as available.
Organic Lemon supplies are at a seasonal low. Some Mexican fruit is available, but at higher prices.  
Organic Russet Potatoes have been hard to get, as is common this time of year, but we are now into a new crop of California-grown Organic Russets. Prices are higher, but these are the nicest Organic Russet Potatoes in a long time.