News from Our Organic Produce Department

March Produce News

This is the best time of the year to enjoy organic citrus!

This is the best time of the year to enjoy organic citrus!

What to Look for in Our Produce Department This Month:

Get ready to garden! Our organic seed rack is up. Grab your favorite varieties so that you are ready to plant when the soil warms.

Organic Avocado and Brussels Sprouts markets are strong with great flavor and availability.

The Organic Celery supply is tight, and is likely to remain that way until the end of March.

Organic Asparagus supplies are increasing and the pricing is decreasing. Look for local supplies in the coming months.

Organic Citrus season will wind down by the end of March. After that we will eagerly await the early spring arrival of Organic Stone Fruit!

Imported new crop Organic Bartlett Pears are back in stock.

In other news...

We are transitioning to a new produce bag that is even more eco-friendly (and biodegradable) than the ones we currently use!

The Whole Earth Center is a proud member of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA), which is teaming up with Four Seasons Produce to offer independent stores like ours better deals on organic produce.

The Real Organic Project just celebrated its one year anniversary by holding a day-long symposium at Dartmouth College. The symposium featured a series of TED-style talks by organic farmers and researchers who laid out the challenges that small-scale organic produce, dairy, and poultry farmers face in light of allowed practices, such as hydroponics and animal confinement, that now qualify for organic certification. Check out their website to see videos of farmers who have been certified by the Real Organic Project.